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Cruel Garters No. 10 (Berkson tribute issue, forthcoming spring 2018)

Contributions include "Scamps Like Us" -- Glen Armstrong; For Bill (& Incidentally Frank) -- Zen Shwery; "Artist - After Bill Berkson" -- Ben White; "Upon the Floodplain" -- Ryan Masters; "Laundry Origami" -- Stephen Roberts; "City" -- Cindy Aimé; "One Small Soda, Please" -- Cassondra Windwalker; "In the Trunk (for Bill Berkson)" -- Todd Colby; "Methylenedioxymethamphetamine" -- Jane Loo; "My Only Muses are People I've Never Met" -- Gabriel Oster; "Idée Fixe" -- Amy Baskin; "Poem Beginning with Two Lines from Bill Berkson" -- Cal Freeman; "notquitegoldcoastlove" -- John "Pigpen" Madigan; "Like the Logic of Waves" -- S.R. Aichinger; "Dear Bill...." or TBD by Jim Gustafson; "James Schuyler Keeps a Pet Cockroach called the Dalai Lama" -- Charles Kell; "Office Lamp" -- Klodia Badal; "31F" -- Patty Seyburn; "Remnants" -- Mark Milazzo; "The Weight of Secrets" -- Jessica Mehta 

Cruel Garters No. 9 (October 2017)

"Dissections" -- Pia Aliperti

"When Everything Else Fails" -- Alan Britt

"During the Long War" -- Edward Morin

"Ritual Piece in Memory of Lou Reed" -- Joel Allegretti

"Ghostling" -- Sheikha A.

"Our Sister Country" -- Jacob Chapman

Cruel Garters No. 8 (December 2016):

"Follow Me on Facebook®" -- Clara B. Jones

"Dutiful Correspondent" -- Pia Aliperti

"All my independent heavens each (c. 1985)" -- Zachary Hamilton

"Universal Sandwich" -- Heath Brougher

"Jack Lambert" -- Salvatore Difalco

"Public School" -- Jay Ritchie

Cruel Garters No. 7 (February 2016):

"Paleo, Basilica" -- Laura Page

"Macrostiches" -- Noah Burton

"When the Sky Followed the Land" -- Tennae Maki

"A Memory Belonging to Robert Musil" -- Alina Stefanescu

"Something to Do with My Face" -- Sarah Rose Sharp

"Best Mayor Ever" -- Jacob Chapman 

Cruel Garters No. 6 (June 2015):

"Genius For Despair" -- Jim Gustafson

"[untitled excerpt from my grocery list]" -- Susan Calvillo

"In Waves" -- John Godfrey

"To Establish a Factual Basis for Understanding the Mechanics of the Environment" -- Jason Dean Arnold

"Equilux" -- Richard King Perkins II

[untitled] ("over time it will never be....") -- Lena Meyerson

Cruel Garters No. 5 (February 2015):

"Italic Smoke" -- John Godfrey

"Of Porcelain" -- Joris Soeding

"[untitled excerpt from my grocery list]" -- Susan Calvillo

[untitled] ("This evening I walked past....") -- Lena Meyerson

"To Give Experience in Precise in Precise Observations & Measurements" -- Jason Dean Arnold

"The Land of Old Hats and Coats" -- F. Daniel Rzicznek

Cruel Garters No. 4 (June 2014):

"Sister Cadence" -- Bill Berkson

"In Magritte I Can Find No Strawberries" -- Anne Higgins

"Ensor" -- Kenneth Pobo

"A Little Hut" -- James Heflin

"Taking the Mud-Cure at Willow Point" -- F. Daniel Rzicznek

"Understated Foreign Dysfunctional-Family Movies" -- Lisa Beskin

Cruel Garters No. 3 (February 2014):

"Aloha" -- Jennifer L. Knox

"After The Accident" -- Amanda Watters

"My Male Part Fertilizes Your Female Part, Your Male Part Fertilizes My Female Part" -- John Bradley

"Mid-Summer 3" -- Sheila E. Murphy

"Monumental Painting" -- Michael Earl Craig

"Ethic" -- F. Daniel Rzicznek

Cruel Garters No. 2 (October 2013):

"Winter" -- Michael Earl Craig

"Good Host" -- Karen Skolfield

"A True Story" -- Amy King

"Toledo" -- Cal Freeman

"Hey Scorpio Mind" -- Jerome Sala

"Hard Winter" -- Jennifer L. Knox

Cruel Garters No. 1 (March 2013):


"King Hoon's Spectacular Speech" -- Jennifer L. Knox

"It's Not TV" -- Jerome Sala

"Our Village Life"  -- Dara Wier

"Dracula's Rat" -- Paul Hostovsky

"Wild For The Lord" -- Michael Earl Craig

"I Can't Go On, I'll Go On"  -- Amy King